Alcohol and Drugs in Blood Testing

Our Alcohol and Drugs in blood test accurately provides the quantitative measurement of a wide variety of substances including pharmaceutical drugs, illicit drugs, and alcohol.

We offer turnaround-times of 24-72 hours and provide access to the results electronically through our convenient results portal.

Why Blood Alcohol and Drug Testing is Performed

Alcohol and blood testing is most often used when it is suspected that a person is under the influence of a substance. It’s important to note that compared to other types of drug and alcohol testing, blood testing has a much shorter window of detection.

Medical and mental health providers may use these results to monitor levels of prescribed drugs within a patient’s system.

In the area of law enforcement, the results can be used in a court of law to prove that someone was intoxicated in public, while they were underage, or even while they were operating a vehicle.

Blood alcohol testing results can also be used to prove that the person wasn’t intoxicated if someone accuses them of it.

Employers may request these results to prove that an employee broke company policy and can then be terminated.

If you need to have blood alcohol testing performed it’s important to trust a laboratory like Quality Forensic Toxicology that has extensive knowledge and the best standards of procedure for testing.

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