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Cannabis Potency Testing

Quality Forensic Toxicology provides fast, efficient, and accurate cannabis potency testing. Cannabis business owners can have confidence in their products, knowing that they have reliable results to share with their customers. Our testing accurately detects levels of THC and CBD in marijuana and CBD products.

The use of Cannabis products has grown exponentially over the years. Medical cannabis legalization has opened the door to many to use cannabis products for medical conditions. People use cannabis products to help with pain, minimize stress, or to cope with many other conditions.

Before using any cannabis products, it’s important for consumers to make sure that the products have been tested for potency.

The testing provides consumers much needed transparency about the quality and potency of cannabis products.

Why is Cannabis Potency Testing Required?

Depending on the state, cannabis potency testing must be done on products before they can be distributed to the public. There also exist standards in place that restrict the potency of cannabis products, especially for CBD products. Items that are shown to not meet the set standards cannot be distributed legally to consumers.

Potency testing is required because it verifies that the products are safe for human consumption. It also offers transparency on the potency of the products so that people know how potent the items are that they plan to use. Cannabis product consumers will want to know the effects that expect after consuming their product. The effects depend largely on THC potency.

Because of the porous nature of the cannabis plant it can absorb any nutrients, chemicals, or pesticides that it is exposed to. Potency testing needs to be done to ensure that the products have not absorbed anything that could be hazardous to consume.

The testing will also determine if there are any fungus or molds growing on the products that could be harmful to someone’s health.

Testing Considerations for Products

Before a cannabis product can go through potency testing, it has to be decided if the product will be distributed for recreational or medicinal use. There are different sets of standards for medicinal products and products used for recreational use.

Medical marijuana products are tested to determine the healing potential of the products. The products go through extensive testing to determine the levels of cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the products.

There are specific levels that are deemed to be acceptable for human
consumption and if the products do not meet these standards, they cannot be legally distributed to consumers.

Quality Forensic Toxicology is dedicated to fast turn-around times with results often being available in just a few days and results available via our web portal.

The Benefits of Cannabis Potency Testing

Once someone has obtained results from the cannabis potency testing, they will know how potent the products are and if there are any contaminants in the products.

The guidelines for the manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products is specific to each state. It’s important to take the time to determine what the specific regulations are in the state where the products are going to be sold before attempting to sell them.

Selling products that do not meet the specific regulations of the area could result in major legal repercussions. For example, some states restrict the levels of a few pesticides in products that are sold to the public, while others restrict more than 50 different pesticides.

And once again, testing is also used to give consumers peace of mind. They know that they are buying reliable products that are safe to consume.

Quality Forensic Toxicology provides reliable and trustworthy third-party testing. We provide a Certificate of Analysis is that indicates all of the information that is needed in order to sell products to the public.

The Certificate of Analysis can only be obtained by certified labs and in many states, it is required because if allows consumers to know what they are

If someone plans to sell cannabis products, the testing is essential to ensure that it can be legally distributed to consumers.

The Certificate of Analysis can serve as a protective measure to ensure that only reliable products are distributed to the public and could save a
manufacturer legal issues in the future.

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