Cannabis Thc Potency Testing

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San Antonio, Texas: Quality Forensic Toxicology announced today the addition of Cannabis THC Potency Testing to its scope of accredited services. With the legalization of cannabis, CBD products, and hemp in many states, determining the difference between marijuana and hemp has caused laboratories to scramble to develop new methods. Since all contain some amount of THC, qualitative results now have less weight in court. With Quality Forensic Toxicology’s new fully quantitative Cannabis Potency Panel, entities can now submit samples for the identification of THC and THCA, and also receive the total percentage to compare to the federal limit (0.3% total THC). This method will resolve the question for law enforcement agencies of what is marijuana and what is hemp. In addition, our new method offers hemp growers and CBD shop owners the testing confidence they need to show its products are under the federal limit.

“Now law enforcement, hemp growers, and CBD shops can find out what is hot and what is not,” says Quality Manager and forensic toxicologist Greg Jellick at Quality Forensic Toxicology. “We are proud to be the first state-accredited laboratory to offer a solution to this predicament.”

Features and benefits of Cannabis Potency Panel include.

  • Identification and quantity of THC and THCA in cannabis plant material
  • Analytical testing results by an ISO17025 accredited forensic testing lab
  • Confidence in whether material is legal or illegal

Cannabis THC Potency Testing will be available starting 11/01/2019. For more information on Cannabis Potency Panel visit

About Quality Forensic Toxicology: Founded in San Antonio, TX in 2016, QFT is the only full-service private forensic toxicology laboratory in the southwestern US. Our team of forensic scientists are licensed by the state of Texas and bring over 60 years of experience in postmortem, human performance, and medication compliance toxicology, in both civil service and private toxicology laboratories. Our laboratory utilizes the latest technologies and industry standard validation procedures for the analysis of drugs and metabolites in a number of matrices, including blood, oral fluid, urine, and cannabis plant material. QFT is accredited by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) by ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards and by the Texas Forensic Science Commission for forensic testing and accredited by the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) for clinical toxicology testing.

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