Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have questions about sample results?

Providers, law enforcement, clients, or any other person administering testing can feel free to contact our laboratory at (210) 463-9191.

However, if you are a patient who is inquiring about test results, it usually advised that you discuss any issues with your provider first. If for whatever reason you need further assistance, or have specific questions about your testing outcomes, you can contact us as well.

We do however uphold HIPAA regulations and will not discuss results with anyone who is not the provider or patient unless express written permission exists and is on file.

How to order supplies?

Please click here to access our online order form.

How quickly can I expect results ?

Our target turn-around time is always 48-72 hours from the receipt of a sample. If re-analysis is required due to sample condition or quality control this may extend the turn-around time further. However, the extra time for our laboratory to conduct a reanalysis ensures reliable and accurate results.

Why are the detection of metabolites important?

The body produces certain metabolites in response to the consumption of medications. The detection of metabolites is essential in the testing process because it helps ensure that the actual drug in question was indeed consumed by the specimen donor. Unfortunately, there are instances where patients attempt to tamper with a sample by dissolving their medication into their urine. This is with hopes that the medication will be detected by the provider in the sample and it will appear as though they are taking the medication as prescribed.

If the medication compound is found in the sample without the metabolite, this indicates that the sample donor did not consume their prescribed medication. This is a red flag which can indicate medication diversion or perhaps the patient is taking too much of a medication shortly after getting it filled. At times, patients will run out long before their schedule appointments.  Testing for metabolites can help to lessen the risks that come with these scenarios. It can help uncover situations where the patient may be abusing or diverting their medications.

Metabolites also have longer detection windows which if detected can prove to medical providers that the patient is indeed taking their prescribed medication.

It’s important to mention that genetic variations exist (CYP 450 Mutations) that alter the metabolism process of some substances which prevent metabolites from forming. In some cases, this can be dangerous. If a provider is concerned that this mutation is present in their patient, they can order pharmacogenetic testing.

How do I schedule a UPS pick up?

Please contact us at (210) 463-9191 to schedule the pick up by UPS.

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