Urine and Saliva Toxicology Testing

With 50 years of experience, Quality Forensic Toxicology leads the way in urine and saliva toxicology testing. Our toxicology tests can detect the presence of over 83 different substances as well as substance metabolites.

Our team is focused on helping medical, legal, and other providers get accurate results with fast turnaround times. We understand that these results help providers make decisions for their patient’s healthcare.

Our San Antonio, TX toxicology laboratory is accepting urine and saliva testing from providers anywhere in the US and accept most health insurance plans.

We process testing in the orders in which they are received and our turn around times are 24-72 hours from the receipt of the urine or saliva sample. Toxicology results are accessible through the results portal.

Urine Toxicology Drug Testing

Our urine toxicology tests detect the presence of both pharmaceutical and illict drugs by the collection of a urine sample.

Urine toxicology is a helpful tool for all types of providers to rely on in order to ensure that their patients are taking their medications as prescribed.

Saliva Toxicology Drug Testing

The saliva toxicology testing is done by swabbing the inside of a cheek to detect the precense of both prescribed, non-prescribed, and illicit substances.

Saliva testing can be done in office and the samples can be taken in front of medical staff which ensures specimen integrity.

If a patient is unable to provide a urine sample, saliva samples can be a reliable back-up method of drug testing.

Sign up today and our representatives will contact you to complete your sign-up process as fast as possible. Testing supplies are often shipped out same day and sent out overnight.

Trust us to handle all of your toxicology needs.

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